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The physical assets of a business are its finished products or inventory and other items such as office furniture, equipment, fixtures, machinery, packing supplies and others. Liquidation of a business entails selling off such assets to earn liquid money quickly. The inventory can be liquidated in the event of a business moving to a new location or surplus stock, thereby saving the transportation costs of moving the entire inventory to a new store. A business which turns insolvent and unable to pay its debts can liquidate its assets to help in paying off its creditors and stakeholders. Liquidation of assets is also done in case of a company voluntarily going off business. Whatever may be the reason, it is better to hire the services of a liquidation specialist to handle the process.

Surplus Buyers has the expertise and experience to efficiently carry out liquidation process regardless of the type or size of the business or volume of assets involved. It not only offers liquidation services for finished goods but also has the wherewithal to provide services for computers, servers, networking equipment, machinery and Office Furniture Liquidation San Francisco. The company handles liquidation operations for both office relocations and shutdowns.

What Kinds of Assets are covered?

Surplus Buyers enable business enterprises to liquidate their merchandise with ease. Surplus stock or extra inventory which is not selling and occupying a lot of space or nearing its expiry date can either be sold to this company in one go or on a revenue sharing basis. The company also offers liquidation services for existing merchandise of a business which is either closing down or relocating.

Surplus Buyers also offers Office Furniture Liquidation San Francisco. All kinds of office furniture such as conference tables, filing cabinets, chairs, sofa sets, side tables, workstations or desks, decor items and more are liquidated. The company carries out the entire process for office furniture liquidation, right from disassembling and packing to transportation and reassembling. The prices of the furniture pieces are determined on the basis of their age and quality.

Apart from furniture, other office assets such as electronic equipment, test equipment, tools and more are also liquidated.

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What is the Process Adopted?

Surplus Buyers follows a systematic process to carry out the liquidation operations. The first step is documentation of the assets, complete with photographs and descriptions. Second step is the proper valuation of the assets based on market trends and other factors. Third step is listing of the items on the online stores and other sale platforms.

Payment to the client may or may not be the final step depending upon the nature of the liquidation. The businesses can either choose to sell their assets upfront for cash or enter into a revenue sharing agreement.


Surplus Buyers has sold over 100 million assets in excess inventory since the year 1990. Customized liquidation solutions are provided to the businesses in accordance with their specific requirements.