Quick and Convenient Inventory Liquidation in San Francisco

In the event of a business winding up due to financial losses or bankruptcy, selling off its inventory or stock to a liquidator is a suitable way to recover some of the losses and pay off the creditors and accumulated bills. Inventory liquidation is also adopted by retailers and manufacturers to remove excess inventory. Whatever may be the reason for selling the physical assets of a business, it is necessary to deal with a reliable and expert liquidator only.

ItsOnSale offers the best Inventory Liquidation Services San Francisco. It has a wide experience in liquidating assets and inventories of thousands of businesses over the years. The company handles the entire process with finesse and help its clients in getting the maximum values for their assets.

Wide Range of Assets Covered

ItsOnSale is adept at liquidating multiple kinds of assets belonging to organisations. These include the following kinds of items

  • Office furniture pieces such as filing cabinets, desks and workstations, conference tables, chairs, sofas and others
  • Electronic items such as computers, servers, printers, routers, fax machines, IT equipment, cables, telephones and more
  • Test equipment and machinery

Excess or surplus stock belonging to manufacturers, retail stores, distributors and jobbers are also liquidated by the company. Surplus stock refers to finished products which become a liability due to absence of sales.

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High Recoveries

A major reason why ItsOnSale is the best choice for businesses seeking Inventory Liquidation Services San Francisco is the expertise of the company in ensuring maximum recoveries from the inventories. The customers can select between 100% cash buyout,  revenue sharing arrangement and web based auctions.

100% cash buyout means the company purchases the entire inventory at a certain price and pays the entire amount in cash to the customer. This is a beneficial arrangement for businesses seeking cash urgently without a waiting period.

Revenue sharing model means the client is paid as and when the goods are sold. ItsOnSale lists the items on a plethora of online stores including Amazon and eBay. The proceeds from the sales are used to pay off the customer.

Web based auction uses online auctioning platforms to sell the inventory. The items are priced at base rates and the bidders quote prices above and over the base rates.


Simple and Systematic Process

ItsOnSale carries out a thorough inspection of the inventory to determine its accurate value and provide a swift and efficient liquidation plan. The logistics of packing and removing the inventory from the space is handled completely by the company. The space is even cleaned after the removal process and returned to the landlord. Liquidation process is completed strictly within the predetermined timeline.


ItsOnSale is a reputed seller on many online channels and has sold over 1 million items till date. The company has successfully carried out asset liquidation for multiple well known enterprises such as Logitech, Gigabyte, Asus and more.