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Selling off the physical assets of a business organisation to earn liquid money is referred to as business asset liquidation. There are many reasons why businesses opt for liquidation of their assets. Permanent closure of a business can entail selling off its physical assets for cash in order to pay off the creditors and shareholders. Asset liquidation can also be a part of insolvency proceedings to enable the bankrupt business to raise capital for clearing the bills and paying off the creditors. Businesses can also liquidate surplus or unsold inventory. Whatever may be the reason, it is necessary to enlist the services of professionally competent and experienced liquidators only.

ItsOnSale Inc. has more than two decades of experience in the field of business asset liquidation. It provides tailored solutions to liquidate all kinds of physical assets such as furniture, electronic items, test equipment and more. Moreover, the company is also the best option for business enterprises seeking Excess Inventory Buyers San Francisco.

Evaluation of the Assets

The liquidation experts of ItsOnSale carry out an inspection of the assets to be sold by the client organisation. Thereafter, the assets are flawlessly valued on the basis of several factors. An estimated liquidation value of the assets is provided on the basis of past sales prices of similar assets. Retail values at both dealers and open market are also provided on the basis of the current market values of comparable items and recent sales. The valuation process helps the business in deciding upon how to sell its assets.

All kinds of business assets such as furniture pieces, electronic items, tools, machinery, test equipment and others are purchased. ItsOnSale also comes among the leading Excess Inventory Buyers San Francisco. The company has wide experience in liquidating surplus inventory of all types from retailers, distributors, manufacturers and jobbers.

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Liquidation Planning

Based on the valuation and other factors, the businesses can choose between various liquidation solutions for their physical assets or excess inventory. ItsOnSale can list the items on a host of online stores including Amazon and eBay at best prices under its revenue sharing model. Web auctions can also be organised to sell the assets. The businesses can also opt for cash buyouts to sell the entire assets at liquidation values to ItsOnSale.

ItsOnSale offers expert advice to its clients regarding the most suitable liquidation plans to get maximum returns and in accordance with the specific needs of the business enterprises

Process Management

ItsOnSale deploys its own workmen to pack and move the assets from the premises of the business enterprise. The assets are handled with utmost care and efficiency. High-end packaging materials are used to prevent damage to the goods. Furniture items are disassembled by carpenters prior to packing and moving. The space is cleaned up after removing the items and returned to the owner.


ItsOnSale has sold over 1 million items till date. Some of the well known clients of the company include San Disk, Logitech, Net Gear, MSI, Gigabyte and Asus. The company can be contacted at (415) 242-4000.