Swift and Convenient Business Liquidation in San Francisco

Business Liquidation refers to the process of selling off the physical assets or inventory of the business for cash or liquid money. The proceeds from the liquidation are used to pay the creditors or other debts on the company in the event of closure. Excess inventory which is unsold or cannot be transported in case of relocation can also be liquidated to generate cash. There are multiple steps associated with business liquidation and it is difficult for companies to handle the entire process correctly. Thus, the best solution is to enlist the services of a professional liquidator. The liquidation service providers manage each and every aspect of business liquidation right from preparing the assets and price appraisal to determining the type of sales and the actual process of selling.

Surplus Buyers is a professional buyer and seller of business assets of all kinds. Thus, it can be hired to manage various types of business liquidation such as excess inventory and office equipment including Electronics Liquidation San Francisco. Customized solutions are provided regardless of whether the business is shutting down, downgrading its operations, relocating or burdened with surplus unsold inventory.

Wide Coverage of Assets

Surplus Buyers buys and resells excess inventory of all kinds such as dead inventory or expensive inventory costing a lot in storage. Dead inventory are those products which do not generate sales due to poor demand, issues with the products or inventory management failure. Consequently, the best exit strategy is to liquidate the dead inventory. Items which do not sell fast enough need to be stored in warehouses for prolonged periods of time, thereby resulting in increased warehousing costs. Such inventory must also be liquidated to avoid financial losses.

Office assets of multiple kinds are also liquidated by Surplus Buyers in case of shutdowns or relocations. For instance, the company offers office Electronics Liquidation San Francisco for all kinds of electronic items such as computers, printers, phones, tablets, POS machines, fax machines and IT hardware such as servers, routers and switches. Best possible values are provided for the office electronics.

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Maximum Recovery

Surplus Buyers has the expertise to help businesses in recovering the maximum possible liquid money from their physical assets. The assets are expertly valued by market research professionals and the best possible rates are offered to the clients. Businesses can either choose the 100% cash buyout option in which the assets are purchased directly for cash or a revenue sharing model in which the payments are made on the basis of the sales of the assets.

Efficient Process

Surplus Buyers simplifies the process of business liquidation. A plan is created on the basis of the nature of the assets and the client’s requirements and it is executed in a swift and seamless manner.


Surplus Buyers has an experience spanning over 33 years in the business liquidation sector and has provided its services to many major companies. Some of the clients of this company include Logitech, San Disk and Net Gear.