Seamless Asset Liquidation to Raise Capital in San Francisco

Businesses facing financial difficulties such as insolvency and not being able to pay off their creditors and settle the bills are required to raise capital from alternative sources in order to continue to their activities. A common source is liquidation of the company’s assets. Asset liquidation simply means that the assets of the business are sold to convert them into cash. The cash is used to maximise the returns to the creditors and inject working capital into the business. However, it is imperative to get advice and assistance from professional asset liquidators to make the process smooth and efficient.

ItsOnSale Inc. offers the best solutions for Corporate Asset Disposition San Francisco. It has a vast experience in liquidating the assets of hundreds of companies. The entire process fulfils all the logistical requirements and is designed to fetch the highest returns for the businesses.

Diverse Kinds of Assets Covered

ItsOnSale Inc. has the expertise and resources to liquidate multiple kinds of corporate assets. Whether it is office furniture or electronic equipment or machinery or test equipment or fixtures or fittings, the expert liquidators of the company dispose off all at the best rates possible.

Office furniture of all types are liquidated to enable companies to raise money by selling off unwanted furniture pieces. The furniture items which can be liquidated include but not limited to chairs, conference tables, desks, workstations, filing cabinets, side or end tables, sofas, cubicle spaces, wall panelling, storage and shelving items and bookcases.

Electronic items are also covered under the liquidation services. All kinds of office electronics such as computers, servers, printers, fax machines, cables, routers, IT equipment, lighting fixtures and more are liquidated.

Test equipment such as X ray equipment, ultrasound machines, autoclaves, microwave spectrum analyser and more can also be liquidated using the services of ItsOnSale Inc.

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Customized Liquidation Solutions

The services provided by ItsOnSale Inc. for Corporate Asset Disposition San Francisco are customised to ensure maximum returns and also depend upon a number of factors such as the types of assets to be liquidated, level of urgency of requirement of funds and others.

ItsOnSale offers 100% cash buyouts, web based auctions and revenue sharing models to liquidate the assets based on the specific requirements of its clients. Cash buyout means the company buys the assets upfront for a specific price and the business gets cash quickly. Revenue sharing means the assets are sold on the open market including online stores and the proceeds from the sales are used to pay the business enterprise. Web based auction can be conducted to list the corporate assets online and sell them to the highest bidders.


ItsOnSale is highly proficient in liquidating corporate assets. It carries out the process in a well-planned manner without delays. The company is a registered seller on reputed e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay.