Professional Liquidation Services for Businesses in San Francisco

Liquidation is a method adopted by businesses to acquire liquid money by selling off their assets for cash. The assets can be furniture, electronic equipment, products and other kinds of items. There can be many reasons to opt for liquidation such as downsizing of departments, closure of corporate offices or facilities and getting rid of surplus inventory or stock. A professional liquidation service provider purchases the goods from the business and resells them for a profit. The seller is not required to expend much time and efforts since the process is managed by the professionals.

Surplus Buyers provides comprehensive Business Liquidation Services San Francisco. It enables businesses and individuals to monetize their assets in the event of office closures or excess inventory. The company provides tailored solutions as per the specific needs of its clients to provide the highest returns possible.

Price Evaluation

Surplus Buyers documents the items to be liquidated. The items can be anything such as computers, printers, servers, office furniture, machinery, tools and more. Each and every item is professionally photographed and described in detail. Thereafter, the market researchers of the company use the carefully documented list of items to determine their exact market values.

The prices of the assets to be liquidated are referenced from various online stores such as Amazon and eBay to arrive at the most suitable price offers. The liquidation value of the physical assets is their expected value in the event of liquidation.

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Listing on Sales Channels

Surplus Buyers picks up the items from the factory or office or any other location after the valuation process is complete and a deal is entered into with the client. The items are carefully packed and transported to a warehouse. An inventory list of the items is created prior to posting their details on the sales channels.

The items are listed on popular online stores such as Amazon and eBay. The company can also organise web based auctions for the items. The items are listed on the maximum number of online public platforms to reach a wider audience.

Payment Method

Surplus Buyers Business Liquidation Services San Francisco offers both cash buyout and revenue sharing plans to its clients. Cash buyout means the company purchases the entire physical assets of the business for hard cash. The amount of cash offered to the business depends upon the price valuation carried out by the experts.

Revenue sharing model can also be opted for by the business. This means the business gets paid as the items are sold. Surplus Buyers takes a certain percentage of the revenue generated by each sale and pays the balance to the business. A transparent breakdown of the sales price and the fees charged is provided to the client.


Surplus Buyers has been in the field of business liquidation since the year 1990. It has immense experience in selling many types of physical assets of business enterprises of all sizes.