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Selling off the physical assets or liquidation is an exit strategy for businesses struggling to pay their bills due to bankruptcy or insolvency or any other reason. The money earned from selling the assets go a long way in getting rid of the debt burden on the business. However, liquidation is not limited to bankrupt businesses only. Getting rid of unsold inventory for cash or selling the office furniture, electronics and other equipment in the event of relocation also comes under business liquidation. In order to get the best returns and accomplish the process in a smooth and legal manner, it is better to hire a professional business liquidator.

Surplusbuyers specialises in business liquidation services with custom solutions for selling inventory or office goods as per the needs of the business enterprises. Thus, the services of this company can be enlisted regardless of whether you need surplus stock liquidation or office Equipment Liquidation San Francisco.

Overview of the services

Professional evaluation of each and every item is carried out by the experts deployed by Surplusbuyers. The items are photographed and described in detail for the benefit of the market researchers. Thereafter, the items are accurately valued. The prices are cross checked with many reputed online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

Once the agreement with the client is completed, the items are packed and stored in a warehouse. An inventory list is made to avoid confusions and mistakes. The items are then listed on various sales channels.
Depending upon the nature of the agreement, the business owner is either paid in cash upfront for the assets or paid after the items are sold.

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Benefits for the businesses

Surplusbuyers purchases surplus stock inventory from retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Whether it is unsold or any other kind of unwanted inventory of any nature, the company carries out expert liquidation to save the business from financial losses.

Surplusbuyers also offers office Equipment Liquidation San Francisco in the event of relocation or closure of the office unit. Whether it is electronic equipment such as computers or servers or printers or machinery or test equipment, the liquidation services cover each and every category of office equipment. Furniture and other kinds of office goods are also liquidated. Irrespective of whether the office is a single unit or a building, Surplusbuyers handles the entire logistics of packing and moving the office assets and cleaning up the entire space.

Surplusbuyers adopts the best strategies to provide maximum returns to its clients. The businesses are provided various options to recover money from their assets. These include cash buyouts, negotiated orderly sales through the online platforms or web-based or discreet auctions of the assets.


Surplusbuyers has sold over 1 million items on eBay alone and over 100 million items overall since its inception in the year 1990. The company brings high-grade liquidation expertise and vast experience to the table.